1001 of your hearts to help others


Hello Everyone
We (Thats Nadine Kühnel und Gunnar Heilmann) are the 1001 Heart project!
What is it about you ask? We would like to raise some money for a good cause. Gunnar Heilmann (me) lightpainter from Berlin spent numerous nights to create 1001 unique Lightpaintings to open your genrouse hearts. When you do so, you get in return your personal Lightpainting in any form you like and by doing so you can help us to help others.How it works, we will share here step by step untill the World Heart Day in sept. 2017


There are actually some tax problems .. the germany tax law makes it a bit difficult for me to actually give something away for you in return for some donations. So i will need to invenstigate some alternatives for my project. so its not starting just yet that easy .. i keep you updated.

Light Painting Portraits
von Gunnar Heilmann

Ob das Projekt noch aktuell ist, zeigt die Projektseite momentan nicht an.

In jedem Fall sehenswert die Bilderkunst des Lichtartisten!